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Creating a cache

A cache is used for restoring the cache if the cache gets corrupt.


  • Set up a separate BMC Remedy Mid Tier outside BMC Remedy Mid Tier cluster for creating a cache.
  • Share a central location to store the copy of the cache.

 To create a cache and back up the Mid Tier cache

  1. Install and set up BMC Remedy Mid Tier 9.1 on a computer outside of the BMC Remedy Mid Tier cluster with no tenants added.
  2. Update the Cache Backup Directory folder path for the BMC Remedy Mid Tier. For example /opt/bmc/ARSystem/midtier/backup.cache
    1. Open the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool.
    2. Click the Cache Settings link to open the Cache Settings page.
    3. Update the Cache Backup Directory folder path.
  3. (Optional) Perform this step after you have onboarding the first tenant.
    1. Stop the BMC Remedy Mid Tier. 
    2. Copy the backup cache from shared location to backup folder of the BMC Remedy Mid Tier.
    3. Delete all the content from the cache folder.
    4. Start the BMC Remedy Mid Tier.
  4. Add a new tenant BMC Remedy AR server to the BMC Remedy Mid Tier.
  5. Start the preload for the tenant BMC Remedy AR System server.
  6. When the preload is complete, stop the BMC Remedy Mid Tier.
  7. Back up the cache folder.
    See Backing up the Mid Tier cache.
  8. Replace the backup cache that is stored at the shared location.
  9. Update the backup cache directory folder path for all the BMC Remedy Mid Tiers in the cluster with the new backup cache directory folder path. 

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  1. Milan Franzkowski

    Hi there,

    the first sentence is a little bit confusing. (wink) I suggest this one:

    "A backup or so called good cache is used for restoring the current cache if it gets corrupt."

    Feb 09, 2017 03:22