This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Contents of a deployable application

A deployable application contains all the information needed to deploy the application on another BMC Remedy AR System server, including the forms and workflow, the roles associated with the application, and other data such as form data or help contents that you add to the application.

Objects in a deployable application

When you add a form to a deployable application, the form is "owned" by that application. A form can be in only one deployable application, and when a form is in an application, all BMC Remedy AR System server objects related to the form are also in the application.

The objects that are included in an application by means of association with an included form are:

  • Active links, active link guides, escalations, filters, and filter guides for which the form is an associated form.
  • Images, flashboards, and menus referenced by fields in the form.
  • Flashboard variables referenced by flashboards in the application.
  • Flashboard alarms that reference flashboard variables in the application.
  • Web services for which the form is the associated form.

You can also add a packing list to an application, but the objects in the packing list are not necessarily part of the application. See Creating packing lists.

To see all the objects that are included in the application, open the application from the Applications branch in BMC Remedy Developer Studio. An expandable panel appears for each object type included in the application. For example, the following figure shows the object list for the Sample application, with the Active Link Guides panel expanded to show the list of included active link guides. Expand the panel for each object type to see the list of objects included in the application.

The Sample application object list in BMC Remedy Developer Studio
(Click the image to expand it.)

When you edit an object owned by a deployable application, the server and application names are shown in the object label in the editor as illustrated by the following figure.

The Sample: Cities form which is owned by the Sample application
(Click the image to expand it.)

Other contents of a deployable application

In addition to the server objects it contains, a deployable application also includes the following related information:

  • Roles — All roles that are used to define access control for forms, fields, active links, and active link guides in the application are part of the application.
  • Data — An application can use requests to represent business rules or other required data. You specify the forms that contain the data. You can also define qualifications that select the data to include.
  • Support files — An application can use external files, for example, files referenced by file menus or other data files.
  • Image files — You can specify image files that the BMC Remedy AR System server uses as the application icon and About box.
  • Help files — You can create an external help file and link it to the application.
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