This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring Approval Server to work with flowcharts

  1. On the AR System Server Administration Console, select System > General > Server Information.
  2. On the Ports and Queues tab, check whether a Plugin Loopback RPC Program Number and a RPC private port have been defined for BMC Remedy Approval Server.
    The values of Min Threads and Max Threads for the RPC private port should be greater than one.
  3. Check whether the same ports are used in the approval Private AR Server RPC Socket and Plugin Loopback RPC Socket settings on the AP:Admin-ServerSettings form.


    The suite installer defines the Plugin Loopback RPC Program Number and private RPC private port and sets the same in the approval Private AR Server RPC Socket and Plugin Loopback RPC Socket automatically. Confirm that these settings exist, and define them if they do not.

  4. On the Advanced tab, set the Default Web Path to:
    http:// <ARSystemServerName>:8080/arsys
    For more information, see Configuring AR System servers.
  5. On the Basic tab of the AP:Process Definition form, select a value from the Generate Preview list.
  6. On the General Settings page of the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool:
    1. Set the Data Visualization Module Server to the server where the Visualizer plug-in is installed.
    2. Select the appropriate authentication server.
      See Setting external authentication options.


      You must have Flash version 9.x or later installed on the machine.

  7. The flowchart view is compatible with BMC Remedy Mid Tier 7.1.00 and 7.0.01. You can use BMC Remedy Mid Tier to display the flowchart view for an approval request.


    The Data Visualization Field cannot be seen if you are using Mozilla Firefox on Apple MacOS 10.4.11; this is an issue with the browser.

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