This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Cache file management overview

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When you open a server window for the first time, BMC Remedy Migrator generates the following cache files in the Migrator directory on your hard drive:

  • A server cache, where workflow support files are located.
  • A database information cache for the server, which lists all the required BMC Remedy AR System object information. This information is used by the list views for both the server windows and the form detail windows.
  • A dependency file cache for the server, which is used to generate upward and downward dependency information.

You can specify the directory in which to store cache files. See Specifying directories to store migration files.

Although initial caching takes time because BMC Remedy Migrator copies all the objects from the server to your computer and builds the database, cache files ultimately save time and lessen the load on the server.

Refreshing and updating cached objects

To recache your computer after the initial caching, select View > Refresh (or press F5).

Whenever you reopen a server window, BMC Remedy Migrator updates cache files, taking less time because only changed objects are cached. BMC Remedy Migrator also updates the object type cache when you switch object types in the left pane of the server window. For example, when you go from Forms and click Filters, BMC Remedy Migrator updates filters. When you go from Filters and click Forms, BMC Remedy Migrator updates forms.

BMC Remedy Migrator also updates the cache file during a migration. To view the changes in the cache after a migration, refresh your display by pressing F5.

You can turn automatic caching on or off. To do so, select Tools > Options, and then click General in the left pane to display the caching options (see Setting general options).


BMC Remedy Migrator provides an option to keep or delete the database and dependency files generated with .migrator files. See Setting general options.

Space limitations on caching

During a cache process, BMC Remedy Migrator warns you when less than 10 MB of space is available on your computer. When you see this warning, stop the caching process, create more hard drive space, and then cache again.


If you rename any object on a server where the cache is enabled, you must open that server in BMC Remedy Migrator and update the cache before making any more changes to that object. This is required for the cache to recognize the object changes.

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