This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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BMC Remedy AR System server customizable Home Page

The AR System customizable Home Page can contain up to four panels that present views of other forms, as shown in the following figure. The default page layout is defined by entries in the AR System Home Page Layout form, and the forms that appear in each panel are identified by entries in the AR System Home Page Descriptor form.

Customizable home page with four-panel layout
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Predefined panel descriptors are installed with many BMC applications. In addition, administrators can define different "default" layouts for different access control groups. If a user belongs to two or more groups that each have a default layout defined, the default home page that appears is determined by a priority ranking set in the layout form entries.

Users can expand and collapse the panels in the customizable home page. They can also remove and add panels, and can select from the available descriptors to control which forms appear in the panels of their home page. Users can save one customized home page layout. Customized user layouts are also stored in the AR System Home Page Layout form. If the user saves a custom layout, it overrides the Default layout for that user, but the user can return to the Default layout at any time.

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