This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Assigning values using arithmetic operations

You can use arithmetic operations, such as "+ " or "- " to compute a value that you can use in a Set Fields action. The same arithmetic operations allowed for specifying qualifications are used to build a computed value (see Operators). The operation must meet all of the rules for arithmetic operations and produce a result with a type that is compatible with the target field.


If you include a process result or DDE result (active links only) in a mathematical operation, the process definition must not be contained within parentheses and it must be the last item in the operation because all data after the tag $PROCESS$ or $DDE$ is considered to be part of the command line or DDE definition.

In some cases, arithmetic operators can also be used for concatenation. Some examples of valid arithmetic operators are:

"hostname = " + $PROCESS$ hostname
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