This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

ARX File Input step

The ARXInput step allows you to read data from ARX files and import them into BMC Remedy AR System forms (or any other output data source.)

  • Passes an ARX file to the AR System ARX parser which extracts schema info and data lines.
  • Displays schema names in a list, which allows the user to select one schema at time.
  • Displays all fields for the selected schema in the Fields table when the Get Field button is clicked.
  • During an execution of a transformation, the ARX parser reads the data line and converts it into a token.
  • Converts tokens into the proper Atrium Integrator data types.
  • Handles multiple schemas in single file.
  • Treats multiple occurrences of same schemas as single schema and combines all data together.

The data type conversion is same as that of the ARInput step, see ARInput data type conversions for details on the ARInput data type conversions.

ARX File Input step in the Spoon client

The ARX File Input step dialog contains the following fields:

  • Step Name — Unique label for the ARX File Input step in a transformation.
  • File Name — ARX file name and path from which data will be read. The location can be defined as a variable.
  • Chunk Size — Number that specifies the size of the data to be read at one time from the ARX file. The default value is 100. This value can be defined as a variable.
  • Schema Names — Name of the AR System schema containing data to be read from the ARX file.
  • Connection — Click the New button to create a new AR System server connection. Click the Edit button to edit an existing connection. Select an existing connection from dropdown menu.

The Field Name column contains a list of fields to be extracted from the ARX file for a given schema. If an AR System connection is provided, the field names are extracted from the AR System form and not the ARX file.

If field names and field labels differ and you want to map ARX file Input step data to an AROutput step, use the AR System connection. You can automatically map all fields to the AROutput step in the Enter Mapping window of the Field mapping editor using the Auto Map button.

Auto Map button in the Enter Mapping dialog

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