This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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arreload.exe or arreload

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arreload description

The arreload utility executes the BMC Remedy AR System interface that enables you to empty the access control cache on one or more BMC Remedy AR System servers and reload it from a particular User or Group form.

If you experience problems with permissions or behaviors in the Group or User form, the cache might need to be emptied and reloaded. Run arreload to reload the cache.

This process must run on the BMC Remedy AR System server that contains the source form (the source computer). It deletes cached requests on the specified target computers and reloads the cache from the form on the source computer, synchronizing the cache with the available users and groups defined in the User and Group forms.


arreload -a "adminUser" [-o portNumber] {-u|-g} "schema"
[-f] [-p " adminPassword"] [-h " serverNameValue"] [-d]


You can specify the following options in any order on the command line. Enclose attributes in double quotation marks:

-a(Required) Specifies a user with Administrator permission on the target servers.
-oSpecifies the port number for the server.
-fDeletes all user or group requests from the cache on the specified target computers before reloading from the source computer. This option is useful for clearing out obsolete definitions that are no longer recognized as related to the local server and that would otherwise not be removed. This helps prevent duplicate records that can corrupt the cache.
-gSpecifies the name of the source form for reloading group requests (required if you do not specify the -u option).
-hSpecifies the name of the server if a Server-Name value is set in the AR System server configuration file. If Server-Name has a value and you use arreload without the -h option, arreload uses the default server name rather than the name specified by Server-Name.
-pSpecifies the password for the user specified by the -a option (required if a password is defined for that user).
-uSpecifies the name of the source form for reloading user requests (required if you do not specify the -g option).
-dRuns the program in debug mode. Messages are printed to stdout and detail the progress of each operation being performed. Use this mode to diagnose problems with the arreload process only.



UNIX only — Specifies the directory where the ar.cfg (ar.conf) file and other BMC Remedy AR System configuration files are stored. The arsystem script sets ARCONFIGDIR to ARSystemServerInstallDir/conf, and you should not need to change this value. However, arsystem does not modify ARCONFIGDIR if a preset value is found.

arreload scenarios

Connect as Admin (using the password fun4me) and delete all user requests from the access control cache of all AR System servers. Reload the cache on all computers from the User form on the current computer. In this example, the attributes are enclosed in double quotation marks:

arreload -u "User" -a "Admin" -p "fun4me" -f

Reload the cache on all computers from the Group form and the User form on the current computer. In this example, the attributes are enclosed in double quotation marks:

arreload -u "User" -g "Group" -a "Admin" -p "fun4me" -f -d


You can disable arreload with the setting in the ar.cfg (ar.conf) file. (See Disable-Client-Operation on ar.cfg or ar.conf options C-D.) When the setting is active, you can still run arreload, but it has no effect on the server, and the cache does not get flushed.

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  1. Sebastien Lavoie



    I just want to say that we tried to used this and it never loaded the cache again, only emptied it.  Here is BMC's answer when opening the ticket.  

    While using the arreload utility against a 9.1 arserver, it fails causing corruption of the user_cache table. This also lockout every account on the system including any Administrator accounts.


    They should give me a hotfix to fix it, but I really think the doc should mention this defect.  We lost quite a few hours trying to figure out what went wrong.


    Nov 03, 2016 02:02
    1. Prachi Kalyani

       Hello Sebastien,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. I will get a confirmation from the technical team and update you soon.




      Nov 14, 2016 12:11
    1. Prachi Kalyani

      Hello Sebastien,

      We are sorry for the delay in response. We are tracking this issue based on the defect SW00506968. We have documented this defect on the Known and corrected issues topic.

      The technical team is working on fixing this defect in upcoming releases.



      Dec 12, 2016 05:39