This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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You can continue to use C APIs to customize your application, but C APIs are not enhanced to support new capabilities provided by Java APIs and REST APIs.


Retrieves the list of available BMC Remedy AR System servers defined in the ar directory file (UNIX only). BMC Remedy Developer Studio and BMC Remedy Data Import connect to these servers automatically if no servers are specified at startup. If the ar file is under NIS control, the system uses the file specified by the NIS map instead of the local ar file. For information about the ar file, see ar.cfg or ar.conf.


In the Windows API, server information is retrieved from the registry instead of the ar file. API programs that run on the server (for example, through a filter or escalation) can use this function to retrieve only the name of that local server. Programs that run on a Windows client, however, cannot. In this case, the function always returns a list of zero servers.


All users.


#include "ar.h"
#include "arerrno.h"
#include "arextern.h"

int ARGetListServer(
   ARControlStruct *control,
   ARServerNameList *serverList,
   ARStatusList *status)

Input arguments


The control record for the operation. It contains information about the user requesting the operation, where that operation is to be performed, and which session is used to perform it. The user and server fields are required.

Return values


A list of zero or more registered BMC Remedy AR System servers. The system returns a list with zero items if no BMC Remedy AR System servers are registered.


A list of zero or more notes, warnings, or errors generated from a call to this function. For a description of all possible values, see Error checking.

See also

ar directory file. See FreeAR for: FreeARServerNameList, FreeARStatusList.

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