This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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The plug-in server calls this function when the BMC Remedy AR System server makes a request to authenticate a user. The BMC Remedy AR System server passes the unencrypted user name and password as parameters.

To be thread-safe, your plug-in must protect any global information or resources accessed here with appropriate mutual exclusion locks.

An AREA plug-in implementation must return a response. A NULL response indicates a failed login attempt.

The BMC Remedy AR System server detects the IP address of the client and sends it to the plug-in, which rejects or accepts the requests.


#include "area.h"

int AREAVerifyLoginCallback(
   void *object,
   ARAccessNameType user,
   ARPasswordType password,
   ARAccessNameType networkAddr,
   ARAuthType authString,
   AREAResponseStruct **response)

Input arguments


Pointer to the plug-in instance that the call to ARPluginCreateInstance returned.


User name.


User password. If the password is a NULL pointer, as opposed to an empty string, the BMC Remedy AR System is attempting to send the user a notification and needs to determine the user's notification mechanism and email address. When the password is NULL, the BMC Remedy AR System is not requesting authentication of the user's identity. The plug-in implementation should return notification mechanism and email address information for the user and return a successful login attempt.


IP address of the BMC Remedy AR System client. The BMC Remedy AR System server determines the client's IP address and passes the address, user name, and password to the plug-in.

For connections using BMC Remedy AR System external authentication (AREA), you can use the IP address of the client machine as authentication, even when using a firewall or a load balancer. However, you cannot use the IP address as authentication when making mid tier connections. In this case, the IP address passed is for the machine where the mid tier is installed, not for the client machine.


String that the BMC Remedy AR System API client user enters into the login screen. This string has no format restrictions. The AREA plug-in uses this string for authentication purposes.

Return values


Pointer to a response structure containing user information returned from the plug-in. The structure should be freed using AREAFreeCallback when no longer needed.

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