This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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This function retrieves a list of qualified entries with field data. The plug-in server calls this function when the BMC Remedy AR System server receives an ARGetListEntryWithFields or an ARGetListEntry request from a client.


If you do not define this function and the plug-in server receives a get list entry with fields request, the BMC Remedy AR System server returns a list of zero entries.


#include "ardbc.h"

int ARDBCGetListEntryWithFields(
   void *object,
   char *tableName,
   ARVendorFieldList *vendorFieldList,
   ARInternalId transId,
   ARQualifierStruct *qualifier,
   ARSortList *sortList,
   AREntryListFieldList *getListFields,
   unsigned int firstRetrieved,
   unsigned int maxRetrieve,
   AREntryListFieldValueList *entryList,
   unsigned int *numMatches,
   ArStatusList *status)

Input arguments


Pointer to the plug-in instance that the call to ARPluginCreateInstance returned.


Name of the external table from which the plug-in retrieves the entry.


A list of external form fields. The plug-in uses this list to map BMC Remedy AR System field identification numbers (field IDs) to corresponding external form field names. All other input arguments and return values must see the BMC Remedy AR System field IDs.


Transaction identification number (transaction ID) that the plug-in server designates for each transaction. The transaction ID is unique to the thread that the BMC Remedy AR System server uses to accesses the ARDBC plug-in. There is only one open transaction per server thread.


Query that determines the set of entries that this function retrieves. Values for this argument might include one or more fields and any combination of conditional, relational, and arithmetic operations (for numeric data types only).


List of zero or more fields that identifies the order in which the function sorts the entries.


List of zero or more fields that the function retrieves with each entry.


First entry to retrieve. The function ignores entries that occur before the entry that this argument specifies.


Maximum number of entries to retrieve. You can configure this option at both the BMC Remedy AR System client and BMC Remedy AR System server levels. The value that the BMC Remedy AR System server passes when it calls this function is the lower of the two values.

Return values


List of zero or more retrieved entries.


Total number of entries that match the criteria in the qualifier argument. This value is the same as the number of entries that the function returns if the number of matching entries is less than or equal to the value in the maxRetrieve argument.


List of zero or more notes, warnings, or errors generated from a call to this function. For a description of all possible values, see Error checking.

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