This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

AR Server Settings parameters

The following table lists the settings on the AR Server Settings page.

AR Server settings




Click in the check box to select a server. To select all servers in the list, click Select All; to clear all selections in the list, click Clear All.

AR Server Name

The name of the AR System server that BMC Remedy Mid Tier is using. The name must be from a server that AR System recognizes. BMC Remedy Mid Tier must be able to resolve this server name to an IP address. BMC Remedy Mid Tier must also be able to reach the server through the defined port or through port 111, if the server is running over the portmapper.

Domain Name

The domain name portion of the fully qualified server name for the AR System server.

Use Short Name

Specifies whether the BMC Remedy Mid Tier always uses the short name of the AR System server. For example, serverName. This value is set by the Use Short Name check box when adding or editing an AR System server.

AR Server Admin Password

The specified password for an AR System account with administrator privileges. Set the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Administration Password under the Connection Settings tab in the AR System Administration: Server Information form. (If a password has been entered for a server, asterisks appear in this column instead of the actual password characters.) Version 7.0 and later AR System servers require a password.

AR Server TPC Port Number

The port number you previously configured to access the AR System server. If you have not configured a port number, this field is blank.

AR Server RPC

The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol number that the server will use. This number can be used for connecting to a private server. If you have not configured an RPC number, this field is blank.


Specifies whether preloading of forms to the system's memory is enabled for the server.

The Pre-Load is enabled only when you check the Pre-Load check box.

Cache Update Needed

Specifies whether you want the cache to be updated automatically.

  • ON — If you select the Perform Check check box from the Edit AR Server page.
  • OFF — If you clear the Perform Check check box from the Edit AR Server page.

See, Editing server properties.

Definition Change Check Interval

The interval (in seconds) at which cache information is automatically updated.You can specify the interval in the Definition Change Check Interval field from the Edit AR Server page.

The default value is 86400 seconds. To change the interval, enter the new number of seconds in this field. If you do not want the cache to be updated, clear the Perform Check check box from the Edit AR Server screen.

See, Editing server properties.

Enable Skins
Specifies whether skins are enabled and made visible for form views.

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