This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Approval Server plug-in configuration

The Approval Server plug-in is a self-contained shared module that you can attach to any BMC Remedy AR System application. The Approval Server plug-in is a flexible solution for automating any approval or signature-driven process across any organization.

The approval server includes built-in contingency handling, which ensures that approvals are completed quickly within the system. When a BMC Remedy AR System application triggers an approval process, the approval server routes a request to collect signatures within a defined approval process, handling all notifications and requests for more information as it collects each response (approval or rejection). The approval server then reactivates the original application and reports the result of the approval process.

You can run multiple instances of the approval server with multiple instances of AR System server on one computer.

Plug-in type

Approval Server is a Java-based ARDBC plug-in that runs as a part of Java plug-in server.

AR System server connectivity

The Approval Server plug-in interacts with the AR System server through the application commands. The plug-in (arasjVerNum.jar)* is installed in the <ARInstallationFolder>\ARSystem\approval\bin folder. (VerNum represents the version number of the release.)

Configuration information

The Approval Server plug-in receives its configuration information from the AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form, which contains information about the log file, related notifications, and their states (active or inactive).

The configuration information of the Approval Server plug-in is available in the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form.

The AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form includes the Server-Plugin-Alias setting that points to the correct plug-in server alias as follows:

See Updating configuration settings by using the AR System Configuration Generic UI form, Configuring java plug-in servers and Setting plugin server configuration options.

By default, the log information is available in the <ARInstallationFolder>\ARSystem\db\arapprove.log file. Using the Server Settings form, you can specify a different log file name and log file path.

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