This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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About Cluster ID

A cluster ID is a unique identification given to a cluster operating in the RoD environment. All mid tiers within a cluster share a unique cluster ID. When you configure the Centralized Configuration Server settings for each mid tier, ensure that the mid tiers within a cluster are configured with the same cluster ID. Having a cluster identified by a unique cluster ID is essential because Centralized Configuration Server can notify changes to the global properties across all the mid tiers within a cluster. For more information about configuring the cluster ID for each mid tier, see Centralized configuration for the mid tier.

You must decide a unique cluster ID for each cluster. For example, for Cluster1, you can add Cluster1 as the cluster ID, for Cluster2, add Cluster2,  and so on.

The following diagram illustrates the use of a cluster ID.

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