This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using the Outline tab

The Outline tab displays a visual overview of the object in an editor. Use it to navigate within the editor. When you select an item in the outline, it is also selected in the editor and vice versa.

When you are editing a form, the Outline tab contains the following icons:

  • Show Table Overview ( ) — Displays all of the fields on the current form view in a table format. You can click on the columns to sort by field ID or by name.
  • Show Fields Not in View ( ) — Displays fields that are not in the current or selected view including the fields that are not in any view. The fields created from this view are not present in any view. In Best Practice Customization mode, you can create or delete Field Overlay of these fields. You can also see such fields by choosing Form > Add/Remove Fields In View (they are listed in the left pane of the dialog box). See Including and excluding fields from form views.

Outline tab with Show Tree Overview displayed

Outline tab with Show Zoom Overview displayed

You can view the list of all fields contained in all views of form. If you have created multiple views for a form, you can view a list of all fields contained in all forms. The Outline view also lists the fields that are not in view.

To view all fields in the Outline view

  1. Open BMC Developer Studio in the Best Practice Customization mode.
  2. From the object list and open the form to view.
  3. Select the Definitions tab.

The Outline view lists the fields in all views of the selected form.

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