This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Using KITE scripting on the mid tier web application

This section explains how to use the Keynote Internet Testing Environment (KITE) scripting tool to develop, deploy, and run measurements on browser response time for various use cases running on the mid tier. Once the script is developed, it can be deployed in a KITE server (requires a KITE account) to measure browser response time in a production environment from various locations worldwide based on a configured schedule.

The BMC R&D performance team has successfully used KITE to record various scripts for performance test use cases. The information and case study scenarios that are included in this section describe how to use KITE to test the BMC Remedy Mid Tier as an AJAX-based Rich Internet Application (RIA).

KITE works well against most web applications. However in some cases, especially against AJAX-based web applications, some script fine tuning is necessary to compensate for the asynchronous operations. Specific information is provided for these complex cases by using an approach that presents issues and their solutions when running KITE against the mid tier. For more information about AJAX, see The mid tier web application and AJAX considerations.

With the information in this section, you can create your own mid tier KITE scripts.

Before you begin

Before you begin using KITE with the AR System mid tier, make sure you have:

  • Access to a working mid tier environment, with an accessible URL, so you can login to AR System.
  • KITE 4.0 running on a system that meets its system requirements.
  • A user name and password for the KITE 4.0 application.


KITE 4.0 is used for the material presented in this document.

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