This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Troubleshooting AREA Hub plug-in issues

The BMC Remedy AR System plug-in server supports only one AREA plug-in directly. You can, however, add a single AREA Hub plug-in to the plug-in server and then add multiple AREA plug-ins to the AREA Hub plug-in. Plug-ins that are added to the AREA Hub are referred to as Hub plug-ins. The AREA Hub transmits the calls it receives from the Hub plug-ins to the plug-in server.

Plug-in type

AREA Hub is a C-based AREA plug-in.

AR System server connectivity

The AR System server interacts with the AREA Hub plug-in when an event occurs on the LDAP Configuration form.

The AREA Hub plug-in is installed in the following location:

  • (Microsoft Windows) <ARInstallationFolder>\arealdap\areahub.dll
  • (UNIX) <ARInstallationFolder>/arealdap/

Configuration information

The AREA Hub plug-in is configured in the AR System Administration: AR System Configuration Generic UI form.

You do not need to configure the AREA Hub manually to use multiple AREA LDAP plug-ins.


If you are using the Java-based AREA LDAP plug-in, the Java plug-in server automatically performs the chaining of the AREA plug-ins in the order in which they appear in the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Configuration form.

To troubleshoot AREA LDAP plug-in issues

  1. Verify the AREA Hub plug-in configuration.
  2. On the server, verify that the plug-in resides in the directory listed and that permissions are consistent with the user who executed arserver.exe (arserverd). This information is important if you perform installation as a non-root user.
  3. Restart the AR System server. For more information about restarting the plug-in server without restarting the AR System server, see Restarting the plug-in server using the Set Server Info command.
  4. If you need to investigate the issue further, you should enable server-side logs and plug-in logs.
    For instructions, see Setting log files options.

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