This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Sharing ad hoc reports across locales

When you create and save an ad hoc report, the Locale field of the report form entry is set by workflow in the following ways:

  • If the locale of the computer you are using to create the report is set to English, the value in the Locale field is $NULL$.
  • If the locale of the computer you are using to create the report is set to any language other than English, then the appropriate language code is set in the Locale field of the Report form entry, for example, fr for French.

Users can only see those Web reports for which the Locale field in the Report form entry matches the locale set on the user's computer. ($NULL$ is interpreted as English.) This means that to share an ad hoc report with a user in another locale, you must make a copy of the report for the other locale.

Making an ad hoc report available in another locale

  1. In the Report Console, open the original report for editing. See Defining BMC Remedy AR System reports.
  2. Click Save As, and give the report a different name, such as My Report-Spanish.
  3. Open the Report form, and then locate and open the record for the copied report.
  4. In the Locale field, enter the two-character or four-character abbreviation for the locale where you want to share the report, such as es for all Spanish locales or pt_BR for Brazilian Portuguese.
  5. Save the entry.

Users in the designated locale can now see the copy of the report that was configured for their locale. After you have set the locale for the copy of the report, the copy no longer appears in the list of reports in your Report Console.


The steps in this procedure do not cause the report headings and other metadata to be translated; the report definition remains in the original language. To create translated copies of ad hoc reports, you must create the report on a computer configured for the desired locale.

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