This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Setting-up BMC Remedy Migrator

After you start BMC Remedy Migrator, open the Login dialog box.


If you need to add a server or a license, the Login dialog box appears for the first session. After the first session, if BMC Remedy Migrator finds the correct user information, the Select Server dialog box appears instead of the Login dialog box.

During the login process, you have two choices to make:

  • Do you need to add a server?
    • If you do, you must add the server from the Accounts dialog box. Select Tools > Accounts to open the Accounts dialog box.
    • If the server is not listed, you must add it to the list. For information about adding a server, see Adding AR System server into server account
    • If the server is listed, you can continue the login process.
  • Is the AR System server you want to use licensed?
    • If a listed server is not licensed, you must license it. For more information about licensing AR System servers, see Setting license options.
    • If a listed server is already licensed, you can select it and log on.


      You must obtain a separate BMC Remedy Migrator license key for each AR System server that you want to access with BMC Remedy Migrator. BMC Remedy Migrator does not function on a server that is not licensed. Also, you must enable or add BMC Remedy Migrator on a licensed AR System server to use the server. For information about licensing AR System servers, see License overview.

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