This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Setting up a headless environment with Tomcat to display flashboards

If you use a terminal to reach a headless UNIX system where you have installed the web server and mid tier, you might receive error messages when accessing flashboards through a browser.

To make sure that flashboards work from a headless UNIX environment, you must set Java VM options on the servlet engine that controls BMC Remedy Mid Tier.

To set Java VM options on the servlet engine

  1. In the file, add the following options for JAVA_OPTS near the top of the file:
    • -Djava.awt.headless=true
    • -Dsun.java2d.fontpath= sdkInstallDirectory/jre/lib/fonts


      JAVA_OPTS="-Djava.awt.headless=true -Dsun.java2d.fontpath=/usr/jdk1.5.0_10/jre/lib/fonts"

  2. Restart Tomcat for this change to take effect.

Use a similar procedure to add VM options to other servlet engines. See your respective server vendor's documentation for information about configuring Java options.

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