This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Scheduling holidays

Use the Business Time Holidays form to define all scheduled holidays and other non-working days. A holiday can be a full day or a few hours. Because of shift work, holidays might span over midnight.

To set holiday times

  1. Open the Business Time Holidays form.
  2. Click the Holiday Definition tab.
    Business Time Holidays form
    (Click the image to expand it.)

  3. In the Schedule Name field, enter the unique identifier for this holiday schedule.
    Use this identifier to reference this schedule in all business hours calculations.


    Enter the same name that you entered in the Name field of the Business Time Workdays.

  4. In the Holidays field, list the holidays that make up the holiday schedule.
    Enter holiday time as:
    For example:
    07/4/09,9:00:00 A.M.,5:00:00 P.M.
    is a holiday that starts at 9:00:00 A.M. on 7/4/09 and ends at 5:00:00 P.M. on the same day.
    To separate the dates, press Enter or insert semicolons between the dates. The number of dates that can be specified in this list is unlimited.
    The holiday entry cannot span across midnight, and the Start time must be less than End time. Holiday time uses the offset hours from the Workday schedule.
    Only short date/time format is supported in the Business Time Holidays form. Long date formats (such as January 1, 2005) are not supported.
    The dates are interpreted on the server and follow the server's formatting rules. If clients are configured for other date formats and the dates entered in the Business Time Holidays form are entered in a client format incompatible with the server format, they are not correctly interpreted as holidays, or they might be interpreted as a different day than was planned.


    The ARDATE format is not supported in Business Time Holidays form.

  5. Click the Administrative Information tab.
    The Holiday ID field contains the AR System ID for this schedule. The Change History field is used to track structural or administrative changes to the schedule.
  6. In the Help Text field, enter the purpose of the schedule.
  7. Save the form.
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