This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Running reports

You can run BMC Remedy AR System, Web, and Crystal reports from the Report Console. The available output formats and how you select them vary by the report type. (The type of report is listed in the Report Type column.)

In some cases, you can add an additional qualification to the report query at runtime, or override the built-in query with a new qualification.


In order to run a report, you must have permissions to the form and to the fields included in the report. If you do not have permission to the form, the report does not appear in the list of available reports. If you have permission to the form but do not have permission to a field included in the report, that column is blank when you run the report.

You can run the report of all types as-is, or if the report definition allows, you can change the report results by adding to or overriding the built-in query.

  1. Locate the report you want to run in the Report Console list.
  2. (Optional) To narrow the report results by adding a query, click Show Additional Filter, and then follow the steps described in Adding a qualification at runtime.


    If the report includes a primary and secondary form, the filter shows only fields that are included in the primary form.

  3. (Optional) To override a built-in report query, click Override. See Adding to or overriding a report query at runtime.
  4. For BMC Remedy AR System reports only, select the output format before running the report. See Exporting BMC Remedy AR System reports.
    Web reports run in HTML and you select the output format after running the report. See Exporting Web reports.
  5. Use one of these methods to run the report:
    • Select the report and click Run ( ). In this case, the report appears in a viewing area below the list of reports.
    • Double-click the report entry in the list. In this case, the report appears in a separate window. This can be helpful if you need to compare two or more reports at a time.
  6. If the Parameter dialog appears, enter the requested information to narrow the report results, and then click OK.

The configuration parameter arsystem.nativereport.onscreen_max_entries controls the number of entries that are to be displayed on the browser. (This is applicable only for Native reports with destination to screen.) The browser cannot scale to show a large amount of records (for example, 100,000 records). The system administrator must configure it to an appropriate value. The default is set to 2000.

The arsystem.nativereport.onscreen_max_entries configuration property does not place a limit on data exports such as CSV and ARX.


You might see the Out Of Memory error messages when you run a BMC Remedy AR System report without providing any qualification. To resolve this issue:

  • You can set the Allow Unqualified Search option on the Server Information form for reports. (If the administrator configured the AR System server to disallow unqualified search,  reports without a qualification will return an error message.)
  • Buffering and streaming were introduced to reduce the heap consumption.
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