This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Reporting using table fields and results list fields

Table fields and results list fields provide a way to capture and display data from one or more requests. By default, these field types include a Report button when the form is opened in a browser. When the user clicks the Report button, the Report Console opens with a pre-selected set of criteria. The same is true if the user runs a quick report by selecting from the My Reports option in a results list.

When the user clicks the Report button on a table field or results list, or runs a report from the My Reports list, the Report Console only lists reports that are associated with the current form. In addition, if the user selected records in the table or results list before clicking Report, the IDs for the selected records are passed to the Report Console, and only those records are used when the report is run. If the Report Console opens as a result of the user selecting a report from the My Reports list, then there is a pre-defined qualification that is passed to the Report Console.

In these cases, the Report Console is opened by an Open Window active link action as a dialog window, dedicated to reporting on that form. The On Dialog Open Action field in the active link is populated to set the context form name and to pass that information, along with any selected records, into the Report Console.

You can change the label of the Report button by editing the value of the Report Button field property for the table field or results list field. If you set a blank label, the Report button does not appear on the table or results list field. For information about setting table properties, see Actions that trigger cache events.

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