This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Release notes and notices

This section provides information about what is new or changed in this space, including resolved issues, documentation updates, maintenance releases, service packs, and patches. It also provides license entitlement information for the release.


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The following updates have been added since the release of the space:




December 12, 20169.0.01.001: Patch 1 for Service Pack 1Patch 1 for Service Pack 1 of BMC Remedy AR System 9.0
September 18, 20159.0.00.002: Patch 2 for version 9.0.00Patch 2 for BMC Remedy AR System 9.0.00.
August 27, 20159.0.01: Service Pack 1

With Service Pack 1, BMC Remedy AR System 9.0 has been enhanced with the following new features and changes:

  • Updates in Service Pack 1
  • Downloading the installation files
  • Installing BMC Remedy AR System 9.0.01
June 19, 2015 Patch 1 for version 9.0.00

Patch 1 for BMC Remedy AR System 9.0.00.
April 30, 2015 9.0.00 enhancements

BMC Remedy AR System 9.0 has been enhanced with the following new features and changes:

  • C API support for associations 
  • RESTful API to simplify integrations between platforms
  • New restrictions for users and groups

  • Centralized configuration

  • Service failover

  • Changes in the AR System server queue threads configuration

  • Service operations monitoring

  • Limiting number of entries in a report

  • Reconciling AR customizations using BMC Remedy Developer Studio

  • Associations object

  • Archiving related forms using associations

  • Ability to restrict switching between developer studio modes

  • Ability to add alias for the server name

  • Mid tier response time monitoring

  • Clustering support for mid tier

  • Multitenancy in mid tier

  • Global archive schedule

  • Archive Manager console

  • Enabling skins administration for users

  • Search result pagination

  • Enhanced logging features

  • Support for associations object

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