This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Publishing reports

A user who is authorized to run a report listed in the Report Console can also distribute that report to a specified recipient or list of recipients (called report publishing). For details about running a report, see Running reports.

  1. In the Report Console list, locate the report that you want to publish.
  2. Select the report and click Publish.


    If the report was created from a Results List or has been combined with a Saved Search to create "My Reports," those qualifications will not be used when running the scheduled report. Therefore, make sure that the report selected contains appropriate qualifications within the report itself. If no qualifications are defined within the report, the report will run as an unqualified query and might return more results than anticipated.

  3. In the AR System Report Schedule UI dialog box, select the file type for the report from the Export options list. For example, PDF, Word, HTML, PowerPoint.


    If you use the HTML option, images and charts in a report are not rendered.

  4. In the Send report to field, enter the email ID, login ID, login name, or email address of the recipients to distribute the report.


    Use semicolon (;) to separate the email IDs.

    In the Send status to field, enter the email ID, login ID, login name, or email address of the recipients to provide information about the report status or errors that might occur while publishing the report.

  5. In the Qualification to Usefield, use or modify the external qualification that was entered when searching the form data. If you modify the qualification, by copying it from the Report Console or the advanced search bar, it overrides the qualification from the initial qualified search. If this field is empty, the embedded report qualification is used.


    The Qualification to Use field does not appear when publishing or scheduling a report from the Report Console instead of performing a form search. It also does not appear after an unqualified form search or after editing an existing schedule with a pre-saved empty qualification.

  6. Click Finish.

Example of modifying a qualification when scheduling a report

Bob, a manager for the training program, creates an ad-hoc report by selecting the Sample:Classes form and running a search. Bob saves the qualification in the report by adding a built-in qualification. If Bob schedules and publishes a report from the search results, the Qualification to Use field shown during scheduling uses his search qualification, which overrides his built-in qualification. Chris, a different training program manager, runs a different search on the Sample:Classes form, selects Bob's report, and then creates his own schedule. Dave, another manager, also runs a different search on the same form, selects Bob's report, and creates his own schedule. When Chris and Dave create their own schedules, the Qualification to Use field uses their own search qualifications.

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