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The following table lists topics that contain videos that supplement or replace the text-based documentation.

TopicDuration (in minutes)Description
Association overview6:26

This video explains how the Association Object can be used to establish relationships between entries in two BMC Remedy AR System forms to support referential integrity, cascade deletes, and archiving related entries.

Enabling FTS high availability4:10

This video explains how enhancements to Full Text Search including High Availability improve reliability, scalability, and performance.

Managing the Archiving process5:38

This video  walks you through the BMC Remedy AR System Archive Manager console and describes how you can use it to manage the Archiving solution available starting with release BMC Remedy AR System 9.0.

Tools for testing the REST API5:14

This video provides an overview to the Postman – REST Client tool.

Login information4:23

This video provides an overview of token based authentication for every API call.

To create an entry6:50

This video provides an example using Postman - REST Client to create an entry and retrieve an entry.

To retrieve an association6:25

This video provides an example using Postman - REST Client to search for an entry.

To retrieve related entries5:14

This video provides an example using Postman - REST Client to get related entries using associations.

Configuring the REST API6:35

This video provides the process to configure the Jetty web server.

Introduction to BMC Remedy Deployment Application4:58

this video provides an introduction to BMC Remedy Deployment Application.

Setting plugin server configuration options1:30

This video describes the Plugin Server Configuration feature, which is used to change the logging parameters through the user interface.

Setting plugin server configuration options3:54

This video provides a brief demonstration of using the Plugin Server configuration feature.

Granular overlays4:03

This video provides you an overview of granular overlays in BMC Remedy AR System.

Customizing applications using overlays and custom objects4:26

This video provides an overview of origin, custom, and overlay objects in BMC Remedy AR System.

Using the localization toolkit to localize your applications19:02

This video explains how to localize your BMC Remedy AR System applications using the Localization Toolkit.

Viewing a Log Zipper output file with Maintenance Tool6:17

This video describes using the Maintenance Tool to view the Log Zipper output file on an AR System server.

Configuring AR System server logging7:18

This video provides information about the concept and benefits of this feature. The video also demonstrates the method apply the logging restrictions.


This video provides information about the concepts, features, and benefits of BMC Remedy Single Sign-On.

Advantages of converting applications from User tool to BMC Remedy Mid Tier3:20

This video describes the advantages of using the BMC Remedy Mid Tier instead of the BMC Remedy User Tool.

Configuring BMC Remedy Single Sign-On4.43

This video provides information about the authentication and integration details of BMC Atrium Single Sign-On.

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