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Offboarding a tenant

You can offboard a tenant from the multi-tenant mid tier setup for the following reasons:

  • A customer is unsubscribed from the environment
  • A tenant must be moved from one cluster to another

To offboard a tenant, you must first delete the tenant, then delete the tenant AR System server, and then clean up the AR System server cache. Cleaning up the cache ensures that the resources are made available for other tenants and that there is no contention of resources.

Before you begin

To offboard a tenant

  1. Log on to the Mid Tier Configuration Tool.
  2. Click the Tenant Offboarding link.
    The Tenant Settings page opens.
  3. Select the tenant that you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Click the Next step button or the Tenant AR Server tab.
  6. On the AR Server Settings page, select the server that you want to delete.


    Ensure that the tenant name and the tenant AR System server name are similar so that you can easily identify which tenant was mapped to the AR System server. This procedure assumes that the administrator remembers which tenant is mapped to the tenant AR System server.

  7. Click Delete.
  8. Click the Next step button or the Cache Cleanup tab.

  9. On the AR Server Cache Cleanup page, in the Action column, click Cleanup Cache for the server whose cache you want to clean up.


    Because cache cleanup is a resource-intensive operation, BMC recommends that you perform it during off-peak hours. It can take hours to finish, especially when the mid tier is serving multiple AR System servers.

  10. After the cache cleanup is completed, click Remove From List to remove the AR System server.


  • The Remove From List button appears only when the cache cleanup status is Completed.
  • If multiple mid tiers are in the cluster, you must perform cache cleanup on each mid tier.
  • If you are removing the last server from the mid tier, you must flush the cache instead of clicking the Remove From List button.
  • You cannot clean up the cache unless you delete the AR System server.
  • You cannot delete the AR System server unless you delete the tenant that is mapped to the server.

The cleanup process might result in any one of the following states:

  •     Not started
  •     Starting
  •     Running
  •     Completed
  •     Failed

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