This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Migration options

Migration options set how migrations are performed.

Migration options

You can select the following migration options:

  • Multiple-thread — Specifies options for using multiple threads during migrations.
  • Required Objects — Specifies whether to migrate required menus, table field forms, join form members, associations, applications, BMC Remedy Flashboards variable and data source objects, and forms related to menus and associations.
  • Backup — Specifies which types of objects you want to back up, where to back them up, and the type of file to back them up as.
  • Object Removal — Provides options for deleting or disabling objects that reside on the destination server, but not on the source server, during a Form and Related Objects migration.
  • Change History--Specifies how BMC Remedy Migrator adds or merges entries in history fields after each migration.
  • Groups — Specifies how BMC Remedy Migrator merges new groups with existing groups.
  • Data — S pecifies default settings for data migrations. These settings are used as the default settings in the BMC Remedy Migrator Data Settings dialog box.
  • Retry — Enables you to specify the number of migration retries and the time (in seconds) between retries. The default number of retries is 3, and the default number of seconds is 300.
  • Ignore Prefixes — Enables to you specify prefixes that should be ignored during migrations.
  • Masks — Enables you to include or exclude objects in a migration or a Differences report. You can synchronize mask settings so that they are the same for both migrations and Differences reports.

For each group of options, you can revert to the BMC Remedy Migrator defaults by clicking Set Default.

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