This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Input, output and file input steps

The Atrium Integrator adapter supports Input, Output and File Input steps. Each step type is implemented in BMC Remedy AR System (AR System) as a Atrium Integrator adapter plug-in.

Input steps

Input steps in a transformation or job read data from a data source. To read AR System data and export it into other formats such as .csv file or XML file, AR System includes the AR Reader adapter plug-in, or ARInput step. For more information, see ARInput step.

Output steps

Output steps in a transformation or job write data to a data source. To import data into AR System from an external source (such as a flat file, .csv file, XML file, or relational database tables), AR System includes the AR Writer adapter plug-in, or AROutput step. For more information, see AROutput step.

File input step

AR System includes an adapter plug-in for transformations and jobs, the ARX File Input step. Its primary purpose is to read data from a AR System .arx file. For more information, see ARX File Input step.

Variable input

The ARInput, AROutput, and ARX File Input adapter plug-ins, as well as the AR Connection module, support variables as input.
The server name, port number, and RPC number can be defined as variables when defining an AR System connection (or AR Connection) for an ARInput step or an AROutput step. The .arx filename in the ARX File Input step can also be defined as a variable. For more information, see Variable form.

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