This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

This space contains information about the 9.0 release of the BMC Remedy Action Request System (BMC Remedy AR System), BMC Remedy Encryption Security, and BMC Remedy Migrator products, including service packs and patches.

The following topics will help you begin:

Recently Updated

Announcement, December 12, 2016

Patch 1 for Service Pack 1 of BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.0, is available.

For summary of all the announcements, see Release notes and notices.

What's new

BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.0 is available with the following new features:

  • Reconciling AR customizations using BMC Remedy Developer Studio
  • Implementation of RESTful APIs
  • New AR System Server ObjectAssociation
  • Improved archiving
  • Enhanced logging features — logging configuration, logging restriction, logging consistency

For the details of all new features, see 9.0.00 enhancements.

BMC will no longer provide support for Workflow debugger.

The following interactive graphic summarizes enhancements for the BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.0. (The graphic may take a few seconds to load).

Featured content

Where to start

For a description of key user responsibilities, see User goals and features.

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  1. Brent Maloney

    Can we get the v9 documentation released?   Every page in the AR System v9 documentation I've tried to look at gives me the following error: 

    Error: You are trying to view a page which does not yet have a published version available and you do not have permission to view draft versions.

    Version 8 appears fine, ITSM documentation appears fine.  It's just AR Server.

    Thank you.

    Sep 16, 2015 12:14
    1. Tami Palacky

      i am having the same issue.  we should be able to view information if it has been deployed

      Sep 16, 2015 02:53
      1. Prachi Kalyani

        Hello Tami,

        I have fixed the page. You can now view the topic.



        Sep 18, 2015 06:32
    1. Prachi Kalyani

      Hello Brent,

      We are sorry for the inconvenience. I have fixed the page. You can now view the content.



      Sep 18, 2015 06:31
  2. Ashish Pandey

    Hi Prachi,

    I am install 9.0.00 install successfully but how to start?






    Nov 24, 2016 06:43
    1. Poonam Morti

      Hi Ashish,

      To start the BMC Remedy AR System server, you may refer to the steps in the Starting and stopping the BMC Remedy AR System server topic.



      Nov 24, 2016 10:20