This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Forms differences

The following table explains the forms differences.

Forms differences

Function BMC Remedy Developer Studio BMC Remedy Administrator
Switch form views Select a different view tab at the bottom of the form layout area. Select Form > Select a View.
Create a field
  • Right-click in the form layout area and select the field type from the Create a New Field sub-menu.
  • Use the form editor Palette.
  • Select Form > Create a New Field.
  • Right-click in form layout area.
  • Select Form > Create a New Field.
Select multiple fields
  • Hold down CTRL and click a field in the form editor or in the Outline tab to add it to or remove it from the selection.
  • Hold down SHIFT and drag a rectangle around the fields to add to the selection.
  • Hold down CTRL and drag a rectangle around the fields to add to or remove from the selection.


Select the Marquee tool in the Palette to drag a rectangle instead of dragging a field

  • Hold down SHIFT and click a field to add to or remove from the selection.
  • Drag a rectangle around the fields to select.
Move a field using the arrow keys
  1. Select one or more fields.
  2. Press the period key to enter the arrow key mode.
  3. Press the arrow keys to move the field.
  4. Press ENTER to complete the move or Escape to cancel the move.

Press the period key repeatedly to enter other arrow key modes that resize the fields.

Select one or more fields and press the arrow keys to move it
Field properties Select a field, and the properties appear in the Properties tab. Double-click the field or select the field and click the Field Properties button.
View properties Click the layout background, and the properties appear in the Properties tab. Select Form > Current View > Properties.
Resize a view
  1. Select Layout > Show Actual View Size.
  2. Select the view.
  3. Drag the resize handles.
Resize the form window and save the form.
Find a field
  • Select the field in the Outline View Tree Overview.
  • Select Edit > Find/Replace to open the Find Field dialog box (which also supports find by label, partial search, and find next).
Use the Find Field or the ID list at the top of the layout area.
Tree / Table Properties
  1. Select the table field.
  2. On the Tree/Table property in the Properties tab, click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Tree/Table Properties dialog box.
Open the field properties as with any other field.
Default Value and other multiple-line text properties Each time you press ENTER, in the text entry dialog box, two non-printing characters are added to the value. They appear as two rectangles in the field in BMC Remedy Administrator. BMC Remedy AR System components treat new lines represented by either one or two non-printing characters correctly. Each time you press ENTER, in the text entry dialog box, one non-printing character is added to the value. That character appears as a rectangle in the field.
Navigation field item editor Right-click the Navigation field and select Edit Navigation Items. To display or edit the items in a different Navigation field, select that field in the form. To close the Edit Navigation Items dialog box, click Close. Open the Navigation Items editor from the Navigation Items tab of the Field Properties dialog box.
Edit Menu Bar and Navigation field item properties To display the item properties in the Properties tab, select the item in the Edit Navigation Items dialog box or in the Outline view Tree Overview. The Navigation Items editor also has tabs to edit the field properties of the navigation items or menu bar items.
Results List field on a Display-Only form Not available. Use a table field instead. Permitted.
Display the same field in all pages in a page holder Select the panel holder and click the ellipsis (...) button in the Shared Fields property to open the Shared Fields dialog box. You can only view shared fields created by BMC Remedy Administrator. You cannot share fields by using BMC Remedy Developer Studio. Select the field in the Shared Fields tab of the page holder field properties dialog box.
Attempt to delete a core field Not allowed. If only core fields are selected, the Delete command is unavailable. If both a core field and a non-core field are selected, all core fields are ignored and the other fields are deleted. Not allowed. Displays a message.
Save a form that contains a table field that references a server that does not exist Reports errors. Saves the invalid form, but it cannot be used.

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