This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Form mapping data options

The following data migration options are available in the mapping document:

merge-optiondefines the list of options that enable you to configure how to process object and data migrations, how to manage differences between source and destination, how to display migration results, and the directories to use for backup, result, script, and cache files. Values are:
  • reject-duplicates – generates an error for entries with existing request IDs
  • duplicate-new-id – creates a new request ID for an existing entry with new request ID
  • replace -- replaces old entry information with new entry information.
  • update – (default) merges old entry information with new entry information.
  • new-id – creates a new request ID for all entries.
  • (Starting from Service Pack 1) reject-on-ID-mismatch – generates an error for entries with unique field values
disable-related-workflowdisables related workflow during the data migration. The workflow is enabled after the migration is complete. Values are:
  • true
  • (default) false
ignore-pattern-matchingchecks whether pattern checking should be ignored. Values are:
  • (default) true
  • false
ignore-required-fieldschecks whether required fields should be ignored. Values are:
  • (default) true
  • false
disable-related-associationdisables related associations during the data migration.
  • true
  • (default) false
<data enabled="true" 
mode="search" merge-option="update" 


For BMC Remedy ITSM, metadata migration is supported only with those companies for which an instance ID is the same on both the source and the destination. When a metadata migration is performed for the first time, the company name or company ID used in the source should not exist on the destination. Also, metatdata migration for BMC Remedy ITSM is not supported for sample company data provided with the installed product.

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  1. Emrah Ozbekar

    I'd like to migrate only missing entries. So I'm using "reject-duplicates" for merge-option. But it generates an error and stops migration if first 1000 entries return error. How can I disable that so it will try to migrate million records even half of it returns error?

    Or better, can I migrate missing entries without returning error for existing ones?

    Nov 13, 2017 05:49
    1. Emrah Ozbekar

      I think the only option is to run a difference report first and then migrate missing ones based on that.

      Nov 13, 2017 06:18