This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Creating run process workflow that returns to the home page

Adding a Run Process command to workflow provides more flexibility than simply adding a Home Page form action button to a form. For example, you can create an entry point guide that opens a form and lets users perform specific tasks. The last action in the guide can be a Run Process action that returns the user to the home page.

The following procedure illustrates the Run Process workflow by creating your own "home" button.

To create run process workflow that returns to the home page

  1. Add a button field to your form and name it Go Home.
  2. Save the form.
  3. Create an active link that executes on the Go Home button.
  4. Create a Run Process If action with the following Run Process syntax:
  5. Save the active link.
    For more information about workflow, see Introducing workflow.
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