This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring data archiving for a server

The data archiving feature is enabled by default on an BMC Remedy AR System server. To disable archiving for all forms on a server, select the Disable Archive option on the Configuration tab of the AR System Administration: Server Information form.

If multiple BMC Remedy AR System servers use a single database, you can disable archiving on all the servers except one if you want archiving to take place on only one server. If the server is a member of a server group, configure the server group in the BMC Remedy AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form to make sure that only one server performs the archiving operation. For more information, Configuring server groups.

Errors are logged in the arerror.log file. Because there is no API, there is no entry in the API log file.

Server events and logging

To create an entry for archiving in the Server Events form, select the Archive option on the Server Events tab of the AR System Administration: Server Information form.

Server Events tab in the AR System Administration: Server Information form

If you select the Archive check box, every archive event is logged into the Server Events form.

Server Events form

The entries are as follows:

  • Event Type: (14) AR_SVR_EVENT_ARCHIVE_DONE.
  • Event Cause: One of the following entries:
    • (1) AR_SVR_EVENT_ARCHIVE_FORM (Copy to archive only).
    • (2) AR_SVR_EVENT_ARCHIVE_DELETE (Delete from source only).
    • (3) AR_SVR_EVENT_ARCHIVE_FORM_DELETE (Copy to archive and delete from source).
  • Event Date: Date and time of the end of the archive operation.
  • Event Details 1: Source form name.
  • Event Details 2: One of the following entries:
    • Copy to archive and Copy to archive and delete from source
      numberOfRecordsTransferred: totalNumberOfEntriesAttempted
    • Delete from source
      numberOfRecordsDeleted: totalNumberOfEntriesAttempted
  • Event Details 3: Destination form name.
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