This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Changing AR System server font styles

BMC Remedy AR System uses fonts that are styled for browsers by CSS class rules. These rules are applied automatically to the data or label portion of a field.

The following table outlines the style rules used for BMC Remedy AR System fonts.

Style rules used with BMC Remedy AR System server fonts

Font name in BMC Remedy Developer Studio

CSS selector


* (asterisk)--A special rule that applies to all HTML elements, and that BMC Remedy AR System uses to define basic font properties.

Header (I)


Header (II)


Header (III)


Optional Field




System Field


Edit Field


Push Button


Radio Button


Note Text


Detail Text


These classes include the specifications of such CSS properties as background color and font (which includes font family, weight, style, and size). These properties cannot be edited in BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

The default class for a field's label and text is based on its entry mode (specified in the Database tab). If a field's entry mode is Required, its default label class will be f9, in addition to label.label. In the HTML, the label tag contains class="label f9"). Otherwise, the label class will be f6 (for an optional field). For system-level fields such as Request ID, the default class is f10.

You can override the default class for the label or text of a field in BMC Remedy Developer Studio by making selections in the Color/Font tab of the Field Properties dialog box.

You can override the default color (usually black) of the label or text of a field if you clear the Default Label/Text Color check box and select a color. Doing so adds inline styles to the field's HTML code. These inline styles take precedence over the CSS rules in any linked style sheets.


Do not increase the font size unless you also increase the size of the field's bounding box in BMC Remedy Developer Studio. Because the scaling factor is tied to font sizes, your result might contain overlapping fields.

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