This documentation supports the 9.0 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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armonitor.cfg or armonitor.conf

The armonitor.cfg (armonitor.conf) file is read by the armonitor.exe (armonitor) binary, which executes the commands listed in the configuration file.

This topic provides the following information:


Windows: ARSystemServerInstallDir\Conf\armonitor.cfg

UNIX: /etc/arsystem/serverName/armonitor.conf


This file contains the following types of entries:

  • Two fields separated by a space or tab:
    parameter value
    Each parameter represents a particular configuration option. The available configuration options and their settings are described in the following table. Lines that do not begin with one of these options are ignored.
    The associated value represents the current setting for that option. All numeric values are in a base 10 system.
  • A command issued by armonitor to start various server processes. Lines with a pound sign (# ) in column 1 are treated as comments and ignored.

The armonitor configuration options are listed in the following table.

armonitor configuration options



Defines environment values established for armonitor. You can include many instances of this option in the file. Before initiating any processes, armonitor sets any values specified through this option in its environment. Then, any processes that armonitor initiates inherits these values. This is a platform-independent way of defining environment variables. With this option, you can

  • Overwrite the existing value of an environment variable:

Environment-variable: EnvVariableName= value

  • Prepend the existing value of an environment variable:

Environment-variable: EnvVariableName+= value

  • Append a value to the existing value of an environment variable:

Environment-variable: EnvVariableName=+ value
For example: Environment-variable: ARDATEONLY=MM/dd/yyyy


Specifies the armonitor directory. Initially, the installer enters this value, and the value is the same as the installation directory.


Permits armonitor to start the BMC Remedy SNMP Agent and to establish a link to it. Values are

  • T — Start and link to the BMC Remedy SNMP Agent.
  • F — (Default) Do not start and link to the BMC Remedy SNMP Agent
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