This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Using Sybase with BMC Remedy AR System

This section describes Sybase behaviors that you need to consider.

Diary and character field qualifications

When specifying query criteria for a field containing more than 255 characters or a diary field, use the LIKE operator. If you use any other relational operator, you receive an error.

For decimal fields, a NULL value is read from the database as 0.00 and not as a NULL value. This is due to an incorrect return from the Sybase database library.

Case-insensitive queries

By default, query criteria is case sensitive. You can, however, specify an option for case-insensitive queries. For more information, see your Sybase documentation.

Issues with AR System joins

The following issues pertain to AR System joins and Sybase databases:

  • With Sybase databases, you cannot nest outer-joined AR System forms.
  • When opening an outer join form in modify mode, the database operation might fail. If it does, you receive AR System error 552 and Sybase error 4426.
  • Sybase does not support long character or diary fields in an outer join form.
  • In the database, long character fields and diary fields are implemented as text columns.
  • If you query on a diary or long text field in the inner table of an outer join, Sybase error 7114 causes arserverd to crash. (Sybase Change Request #122344)

Sybase character sets

The following issues pertain to Sybase database character sets:

  • If your Sybase server is configured to use the ISO-8859-1 character set, you must include the following line in your ar.conf file:
    Sybase-Character-Set: iso_1
  • If you experience character conversion errors, contact Sybase Support for help matching the Sybase client (arserverd process) character set with your Sybase server character set.
  • The database removes trailing spaces added to names, menu labels, and field labels in BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

SQL statement length limit

You cannot submit an SQL statement longer than 5197 characters to a Sybase database. If you do, the AR System server returns an error citing incorrect syntax.

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