This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Using Oracle with BMC Remedy AR System

When specifying search criteria, you cannot use diary fields or character fields that contain more than 4000 characters. The database system does not support qualifications on these field types. If you specify a qualification for one of these field types, you receive an error.

When the Oracle-Search-On-Clob setting option in the ar.conf (ar.cfg ) file is set to true (the default), you can perform a string search (without wildcards) on these field types. For more information about the ar.conf or ar.cfg file, see ar.cfg or ar.conf.

For searches on database entries, the only wildcard character supported in the LIKE comparison is the percent symbol (%). There is no support for sets or ranges of values.

When used with the LIKE operator, the underscore (_) character cannot function as a wildcard or as literal text.

Wildcards are fully supported in filter, escalation, and active link qualifications and in pattern specifications for character fields.


If you use an Oracle AR System database with the Unicode database option, problems might occur if the NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS parameter is not set to BYTE in the AR System database and in the database server instance. See Preparing to install on a Unicode database and Preparing to upgrade on a Unicode database.

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