This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Update KAM Mapping plug-in configuration

The Update KAM Mapping plug-in updates the Knowledge Article Manager (KAM) core fields (Submit Date and Create Date) by using the Merge Entry call for the Unified Data Management (UDM) use case, and also updates the KAM Mapping field.

Plug-in type

Update KAM Mapping is a Java-based Filter API plug-in.

AR System server connectivity

The Update KAM Mapping plug-in connects to the AR System server by using the BMC Remedy AR System Java API. The Update KAM Mapping plug-in (rkm-operations.jar) is installed in the C:\BMC Software\BMCRemedyITSMSuite\Shared_Components\plugins folder.

Configuration information

The configuration information of the Update KAM Mapping plug-in is available in the <ARInstallationFolder>\pluginsvr\pluginsvr_config.xml file that includes the plug-in details in XML code as follows:

   <filename>C:\BMC Software\BMCRemedyITSMSuite\Shared_Components\plugins\rkm-operations.jar</filename>
   <pathelement type="location">C:\BMC Software\ARSystem\pluginsvr\foundation_shared\ITSMCommonUtils.jar</pathelement>
   <pathelement type="path">C:\BMC Software\BMCRemedyITSMSuite\Shared_Components\plugins</pathelement>

The ar.cfg/ar.conf file includes the Server-Plugin-Alias setting that points to the correct plug-in server alias:

The log4j_pluginsvr.xml file contains the plug-in log level information:

<logger additivity="true" name="com.bmc.itsm.rkm">
    <level value="warn"/>

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