This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Types of outgoing email


The examples of outgoing email in these sections make extensive use of label/value pairs, aliases, variables, templates, and special keyword syntax as message content; the Email Engine ignores any other text. For more information, see the detailed reference material and examples of their use in Creating and using email templates.

This section describes the different types of outgoing email in the Email Engine:

  • Notifications — The most important use of outgoing email is using workflow to send notifications to users. AR System uses the Email Engine to send all notifications, not just email. You must install the Email Engine to send notifications from the AR System server.
  • Replies to senders — A common function of outgoing email is making replies to senders (who send email to the incoming mailbox) with results. When you created an incoming mailbox, one crucial task you performed was associating an outgoing mailbox, specifically for the purpose of replying to emails that require a response, for example, query results. For more information, see Sending professional-looking reply email.
  • Messages form — You can send outgoing email using the AR System Email Messages form. You can type the message, or specify contents templates to use in the body of the email. Typically, you only use the AR System Email Messages form for configuring or troubleshooting the Email Engine. The average user never sees or needs this form. 

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