This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Troubleshooting Web Service plug-in issues

The web service provides a way to access external web services to obtain certain information for use in a BMC Remedy AR System application.

To troubleshoot Web Service plug-in issues

  1. Verify the Web Service plug-in configuration.
    For more information, see Web Service plug-in configuration.
  2. Troubleshoot common plug-in related issues.
    For more information, see General approach for troubleshooting plug-in issues.
  3. All Web Service plug-in issues result in ARERR 9130 error. You might search the log for this error and troubleshoot the exact cause of the error.
  4. If you need to investigate the issue further, enable the following logs:

To enable logging for the Web Service plug-in

To troubleshoot plug-in related issues, you should enable plug-in logging. You can enable logging by editing the plug-in log level in the log4j_pluginsvr.xml file.

  1. Modify the following lines in the <ARInstallationFolder>/pluginsvr/log4j_pluginsvr.xml file:
    <logger name="com.bmc.arsys.pluginsvr.plugins">
        <level value="warn"/>
    <logger name="com.bmc.arsys.pluginsvr.plugins">
     <level	value="debug"/>   
    All logging messages for the Web Service plug-in will be logged under the <ARSYS.ARF.WEBSERVICE> prefix in the arjavaplugin.log file.
  2. Restart the AR System server.
    The arjavaplugin.log file now generates the debug logging for the Web Service plug-in.

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