This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Syntax for incoming email

Email sent to the Email Engine to access the AR System server must follow a specific syntax. The syntax is specified by a given set of labels that are recognized by the Email Engine. You can give different values to the labels. Using label-value pairs in templates provides a table of labels that you can use to send incoming email to the Email Engine.


The examples of incoming email in this section make extensive use of label/value pairs, aliases, variables, templates, and special keyword syntax as message content; the Email Engine ignores any other text. For more information, see the detailed reference material and examples of their use in Creating and using email templates.

Using incoming email, users can submit, query, or modify entries on the AR System server. Users can send incoming emails through an external email client to a configured mailbox on the Email Engine. If users send email through a third-party email client, they can enter the content into the body of the email or specify a template.

The message content of incoming email must follow a particular syntax that is specified by a given set of label/value pairs, for example:

Schema: HD Incident
Server: polycarp
Login: Joe User
Password: 12345
Action: Submit

The rules for label/value pairs and variables are exactly the same as those for templates.


Like the mid tier, incoming email can trigger workflow that fire on submit or modify. Email functions like any other BMC Remedy AR System client to the AR System server. For example, if the transaction meets the filter's Run If condition, the filter will fire, regardless of whether the client is the mid tier or an email.

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