This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Stage 4 - Test and promote staging server with overlays to production

Performing the steps in stage 4 promotes your staging server to an upgraded production server. Validate the upgrade on the staging server with user acceptance testing (UAT).

To validate the staging server with UAT

  1. Make a backup of the upgraded staging server database.
    This backup is called the pre-UAT backup.
  2. Conduct your UAT using your test cases.
  3. If an issue arises:
    1. Identify a solution, or work with BMC Support to identify a solution.
    2. Apply any fixes to the server, and then validate the fixes.
    3. Make a copy of the fixes for use later.
  4. Complete all UAT tasks and obtain sign-off.
  5. Revert to the pre-UAT backup.
  6. Apply any fixes that were required during UAT.
  7. Work with the database administrator responsible for the staging server to back up the database.
    This backup is called the UAT-Verified-Clean backup.
  8. If desired, run an additional test to validate that fixes have been applied correctly.


    If no issues arise, the pre-UAT backup becomes the UAT-Verified-Clean backup.

  9. Restore the staging server to the UAT-Verified-Clean backup.
    After the upgrade is validated on the staging server, restore the system to the UAT-Verified-Clean backup. This ensures that any testing data used during the validation is removed and that the staging server is in a clean state for the delta data migration.
  10. Prepare the destination server for delta data migration.
    After the upgrade is complete and customizations are re-applied, the environment is ready for delta data migration.

Where to go from here

Migrating delta data after an upgrade

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