This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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SQL definitions of the data dictionary tables

The SQL commands that define the data dictionary for the AR System database are in the following files:

  • ARSystemServerInstallDir/Logs/arsystem_create_tab.txt
    This file is created when you install the AR System server for the first time or when you overwrite your current server installation. It contains all the SQL commands required to create the default data dictionary for your AR System database type. This file is not deleted or modified when you upgrade your server.
  • ARSystemServerInstallDir/Logs/arsystem_upgrade_sql.txt
    When you upgrade your AR System server, this file is created to record the differences between the SQL commands used to create the data dictionary in your previous version of the AR System database and in your upgraded version.
    Each subsequent upgrade overwrites this file. Therefore, to save its contents, rename it before performing another upgrade.

    The names of these files are the same for all database types.

    To view the contents of these files in a reader-friendly format, open them in WordPad.

    For more information about the SQL commands that define the AR System data dictionary, see the following documents:

    Database type


    DB2 Universal Database

    A Complete Guide to DB2 Universal Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

    Transact-SQL Desk Reference: For Microsoft SQL Server


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