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Sending professional looking reply emails

One of the major benefits of the Email Engine is the ability to send email messages that are professional looking.

This section contains information about:

Email messages consist of header, content, result, and (optionally) footer components. Each component can be text or HTML. Usually, header and footer templates are used as defaults in the outgoing mailbox, and content templates are used in outgoing messages or filter notifications.

A reply email in ASCII format
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Imagine a user sends an incoming email to search for all urgent open tickets. Without the use of header or content templates, the Email Engine returns the following reply email.

This email, as illustrated in the following figure, is a simple ASCII-format message generated by the Email Engine. It is functional but quite plain.

The following figure shows the same outgoing email generated by the Email Engine, but this time configured to use an HTML header template and an HTML result template when replying.

A reply email with HTML templates
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The difference between the two outgoing emails is evident. The ASCII email contains all the important details, but is plain. Using HTML templates, outgoing email conveys the same information but is much more inviting to read.


Although most mail clients can display HTML, there might be some clients that cannot display HTML. Assess which mail clients are supported in your organization before implementing a pure HTML solution.

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