This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Sending a Submit instruction to the Email Engine

You can use email as a client of BMC Remedy AR System to submit entries on the server.

This section contains information about:

To submit an entry into a BMC Remedy AR System form, send an email with instructions with the Action label set to Submit.

To execute submit instructions to the Email Engine, the following information must be included:

  • AR System server name
  • AR System Login and Password to authenticate a user
  • Form name on which to execute the instruction
  • Submit action
  • Any mandatory fields

To use the Submit action label in an incoming email

  1. Create a new email message in your mail tool.
  2. Address the email message to the incoming mailbox.
  3. To execute a submit action that creates an entry that contains the text "Printer not working" in the Short Description field of the HD Incident form, enter the following information in your email message to the Email Engine:
    Schema: HD Incident
    Server: polycarp
    Login: Francie Frontline
    Password: <userPassword>
    Action: Submit
    !Submitter!: Francie Frontline
    !Short Description!: Printer not working
    The field name between the exclamation marks must exactly match the field name in the database and is case sensitive.
    As with a Query action, Submit actions can also use the field ID instead of the database field name. The following syntax will return the same results if the Short Description field ID equals 8:
    *!8!: Printer not working
    You can add a comment before the exclamation mark used with field names as in the following example. The Email Engine will parse only the characters between the exclamation marks, for example, the field ID (8) of the Short Description field:
    Schema: HD Incident
    Server: polycarp
    Login: Francie Frontline
    Password: <userPassword>
    Action: Submit
    What is the problem!8!: Printer not working
    Who is submitting!2!: Francie Frontline
    If the value for the field is more than one line, then enclose it between [HTMLUATarsadministering1030:$$ and $$]. For example, if you have a longer value for the Short Description, it could be sent to the Email Engine as:
    ! Short Description!: [$$This is a longer description which spans multiple lines, so use this syntax.$$]
    The Email Engine will correctly parse the syntax when the email is submitted.
  4. Send your email.
    If you successfully submitted your email, the email returned will look something like this:
    Instruction 1 has successfully created a new record with Request ID : 000000000000001

If the incoming mailbox is configured to Reply With Entry, then all the fields of the newly created entry will be returned to the sender. (For more information about this configuration option, see Configuring advanced incoming mailbox properties.)

If the entry cannot be created, the Email Engine will return an error message (as shown in the following figure) that indicates missing parameters. Make sure your incoming email includes all required fields, for example, Submitter.

An error message reply from the Email Engine
(Click the image to expand it.)


Another benefit of the Email Engine is that status from the Email Engine can be formatted, like the status template shown in the following figure. For more information, see Incoming and outgoing mail templates.

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