This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Restarting the plug-in server using the Set Server Info command

When any changes such as C plug-in or Java plug-in-related changes, binary updates that take place during installation, plug-in related updates to the ar.conf file, or changes to the pluginsvr_config.xml file are done to the C plug-in or Java plug-in files, you are able to restart only the plug-in server instead of restarting the AR System server.

To restart the plug-in server using the Set Server Info command

  1. Double-click the driver.exe file. The file is located in the following path:
    • (Windows) <ARInstallationFolder>\Arserver\api\driver
    • (UNIX) <ARInstallationFolder>/bin


      On UNIX, set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to the directory where the arserver.exe is located. For example, export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/C:/Program Files/BMC Software/ARSystem/bin.

  2. To initialize, enter the init command.
  3. To log on, enter the log command and provide details such as user name, password, and server name. For more information about the driver.exe commands, see Using the driver program from the command line.
  4. If you are not using the port mapper, enter the ssp (Set Server Port) command and then enter the server port number.
  5. Enter 0 or a blank for Using private socket
  6. Enter the ver command to verify the login information.
  7. Enter the ssi(Set Server Info) command and perform the following: 
    1. Enter 1 for the Number of server info operations that you want to perform.
    2. Enter 348 as the Operation number to forcefully shut down the plug-in server.
    3. Enter 2 for integer as the Datatype
    4. Enter 0 or 1 as the Integer Value.

When the AR monitor detects that the plug-in server is down, it checks if any changes are made to the ar.cfg file. If the changes are detected, the recent ar.cfg is loaded before the stopped plug-in server is automatically restarted.

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  1. Jonas Stevnsvig

    clarification on step 2: 

    • enter "log" command to initiate login.
    • enter username, password, servername
    • see for details
      If you are not using portmapper, do the following:
    • command: ssp
    • set port number of server
    • (ignore set private socket)
    • (ignore the error message concerning session identifier)

      enter command init
    • enter ver to verify login

      and finally - what is the actual integer value to be passed? 1?


    Aug 16, 2013 05:27
    1. Ashwini Mathad

      Hi Jonas,

      Thank you for your comment. The content is now updated to clarify the steps further.


      Aug 19, 2013 05:33
  2. Lj Longwing

    There is concern regarding this command and its impact on the FTS Plugin.  Step 7b states that it forcefully shuts down the server.  Does that mean that it doesn't do a graceful shutdown and just kills the process, or does it do a graceful shutdown of all plugins in the server?

    Mar 21, 2014 08:50
    1. Ashwini Mathad

      Hi LJ,

      Yes, it kills the process and not do a graceful shutdown.



      Mar 24, 2014 06:05
  3. Lj Longwing


    That seems to contradict what was said by Mark Walters in the commend on my document on Communities, can you confirm?

    Mar 24, 2014 08:36