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Registering a web service

When you publish a web service, you need to provide a way for the users to find it. With a private web service used only on the company network, one way to enable users to find the web service is to provide the URL of the WSDL or build the web service into the client application. However, for many applications, it is preferable to allow the client application to discover the web service at run time. To do this, you can register the service with a web services registry.

A web services registry is a database that stores descriptions of available web services and their end point URLs, using a standard description language. you can register, modify, deregister, and query registry entries for BMC Remedy AR System web services and any other registered web service in the BMC Atrium Web Services Registry. Installation programs for web service applications can use the AR System server to register a web service at installation time. At run time, BMC Remedy AR System applications can use the BMC Atrium Web Services Registry to locate web services and obtain web service definitions.

The BMC Atrium Web Services Registry is installed with BMC Atrium Core, and is compliant with the UDDI standard. The AR System server integrates with this registry through a set of forms, workflow, and plug-ins. For information about the BMC Atrium Web Services Registry itself, including a description of its metadata elements, see Web Services Registry and web service registration.

The topics in this section describe how to use the BMC Remedy AR System server integration to this registry:


Using a web service registry is not required for BMC Remedy AR System web services. If a registry is not available, the web service developer can provide the end point directly in the application. If the end point changes after the application is installed, use the utility arwsendpoint.jar to modify the address.

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