This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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Plug-in types supported by BMC Remedy AR System

BMC Remedy AR System supports the following types of plug-ins that you create:

  • AR System External Authentication (AREA)
    AR System uses AREA plug-ins to authenticate the identity of users. AREA plug-ins access network directory services or other authentication services to verify user login names and passwords. When you use an AREA plug-in, you do not have to maintain duplicate user authentication data in the BMC Remedy AR System directories because the AR System server can access user identification information from external sources.


    • If you have users with fixed licenses or users who use BMC Remedy applications, you must maintain user authentication data in AR System directories because users must exist in the User form for the license tracking feature and for the applications.
    • See AREA plug-ins introduction. A ready-to-use Atrium SSO plug-in is available for the purpose of single sign-on. This plug-in is used for integrating the AR System server and the Atrium SSO server and authenticates the user against the Atrium SSO server by calling the Atrium SSO APIs. For more information, see Configuring BMC Atrium SSO integration.
  • AR System Database Connectivity (ARDBC)
    ARDBC plug-ins enable BMC Remedy AR System to access data stored in external sources. You can integrate ARDBC with the external data sources through their own APIs. ARDBC plug-ins, which you access through vendor forms, enable you to perform these tasks:
    • Search external data sources
    • Create, delete, modify, and set entries in external data sources
    • Populate search-style character menus from external data sources
    • Implement workflow that accesses external data sources
      See ARDBC plug-ins introduction.
  • AR System Filter (AR Filter)
    AR filter API plug-ins are used when server-side workflow objects, such as filters and escalations, reference filter API calls. AR filter API plug-ins offer an alternative method to send information requests to and from external servers. In previous versions of BMC Remedy AR System, run processes performed external information requests. AR Filter uses fewer system resources than run processes use and enables the AR System server to return to its workflow faster.
    See AR filter API plug-ins introduction.


    BMC Remedy AR System also offers two ready-to-use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) plug-ins that you access through Developer Studio. See Integration considerations.

    Installed plug-in components shows how the AR System server calls the plug-in server that calls the plug-in.

    AR System plug-in architecture


    The arrows in this figure identify the directions in which each program or process can initiate API function calls. Data can flow in any direction.

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