This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Remedy Action Request System, which is in "End of Version Support."

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License overview

AR System licensing grants the legal use of BMC Remedy AR System and is necessary for performing unlimited operations that change the database (for example, updating requests).


You do not need a license to install BMC Remedy AR System features, such as BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

Use this section to get information about the types of licenses, license charges, and obtaining your license key for the AR System server.

To add any license to a BMC Remedy AR System 7.1.00 server or later server, you must first add an AR System server license (see Adding or removing licenses).

To add an AR System server license, you need a license key (see Obtaining BMC Remedy license keys).

After installing your server and adding its license, you can:

  • Use all the BMC Remedy AR System features
  • Add any other application licenses without obtaining a key

Because servers in a server group use the same database, they share licenses. Each server must have its own AR Server license and license key, but it shares all other licenses with the other servers in the group.

For more information about server groups, see Configuring server groups.

Differences in licensing in earlier versions

This table lists the differences between licensing in BMC Remedy AR System 7.1.00 and later releases and licensing in pre-7.1.00 releases:

Differences in licensing

Component Previous releases BMC Remedy AR System 7.1.00 and later
License keys Every license required a key. Before you could add any license to an AR System server, you had to contact BMC to get a key. Only AR System server licenses need keys. Customers can add all nonserver licenses without the need for a key.
Server groups All AR System server and user floating licenses used by server groups needed a license qualifier. No license qualifiers are required.
All licenses used by a server group had to be applied to every server in the group. Each server must have its own AR Server license and license key, but it shares all other licenses with the other servers in the group.
Dedicated server licenses Dedicated server licenses were provided for common components such as the BMC Atrium Definitive Software Library or CMDB. Dedicated server licenses are not used. When you upgrade to 7.1.00 or later from a pre-7.1.00 release, dedicated server licenses are upgraded to full AR System server licenses at no cost. In addition, licenses for any applications associated with the dedicated server are automatically added to your system.

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